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Welcome to the Childs Family Website

The Childs family is deeply indebted to Arlean Lenhart Childs for the untiring efforts she has given to honor our family with this recorded story of our heritage and personal lives. Arlean has traveled from Massachusetts to southern California and scores of places in between in research. She has spent countless hundreds of hours gathering, from the internet, courthouses and historical societies, sifting and compiling many boxes of information in order to unlock the mysteries of our glorious past. She has skillfully woven together the intricate details of a heritage of which every member of the Childs family can be justly proud.


Our author tells the story of a family who, generally, were deeply religious, industrious, patriotic, leaders, promoters, and men and women of vision. She has traced our surname back to the 4th century, in the Norse legend, Iliad of the North. She traces our history from the year 1081 which included merchants and bankers, doctors, presidents of the United States, and ministers of the Gospel. One of our ancestors was one fourth owner of the Mayflower. Another relative Sir John Child was a Civic and Military ruler, Governor of Bombay and Calcutta, India, and the commander of all the land and naval forces of England in the East. Another relative, Sir Josiah Child our ancestral line, was a merchant, political economist and philanthropist. He was the president of East India Company. His observation concerning trade and interest on money contained ideas far in advance of his day and generation. Sir Frances Child, was a banker, goldsmith and Sociologist, founder of the banking firm of Child & Co. during the sixteen hundreds, in England. Other ancestors are: Samuel F. B. Morse the inventor of the telegraph and Eli Whitney inventor of the cotton gin; George Herbert Walker Bush, President of the United States and his son George W. Bush, President of the United State; Frank W. Childs, inventor and entrepreneur; Norman C. Childs, Sr. minister, Bible scholar and author of religious literature; Norman C. Childs, Jr. nationally known orator and author of religious books.


In this volume Arlean carries us along a line of deeply patriotic individuals, for example, twenty two of the fifty-seven minutemen, who gave their lives for their country at the battle of Lexington, MA in 1775 bore the surname of Child. They were our ancestors. Eight of those twenty-two were killed in the battle. She reveals the hidden relationship that the family must have had with Jacob Guy, founder of our beloved home town Guys Mills, PA. She tells of the one hundred and sixty-four years, and seven generations, of history of the Childs family in the Guys Mills area. She gives us an account of one of Guys Mills’ leading citizens, a man who, although an invalid for many years, operated from his bed a most ingenious medley of businesses and became the most prominent business man in the area. This man, my father, Frank W Childs sold his products all across the United States. Finally she tells of Bryson Nathanael Childs and Gabriel Clyde Childs, the last males to carry on the family name of the descendants of 1780 Isaac Childs and Bryson’s and Gabriel’s three cousins: Sarah, Leanna and Matthew Rowlette.


On behalf of my sister and our families I again express our deep appreciation for the years of toil Arlean has put into the writing of this book, The Childs Story.


Your loving and devoted husband,

Norman C. Childs, Sr